What We Do

Ed Farley & Associates (EFA) is a performance-focused consultancy providing market-driven solutions that deliver increased ROI within the portfolios of Private Equity and Venture Capital (PE/VC) and lower to middle-market businesses. We provide precision information that identifies the lagging drivers of their financial performance. Alignment of organizational purpose, use of market research, analytics, refinement of key brand elements, refocusing of customer touch-points and monitoring performance is what we do.
As a PE/VC company leader, you must constantly be identifying the root cause(s) of under performance. Our solutions arm you with the facts that provide a holistic view of the health of your enterprise or investment and help inform decision-making that paves the way for a customized improvement plan and return to greater profitability


Our Value Proposition

Our core belief is that significant dollars are given away due to poor or inadequate interfaces with the customer, which oftentimes causes a direct impact on price/margin, thus profit. Our experience shows us that we can significantly improve the performance of companies by understanding how customers rate the Key Indicators of the customer experience. If poor ratings are left unaddressed, either business is lost or it has to be provided at a lower cost in order to maintain business. This is true of all companies providing a product or service in a competitive marketplace. Unfortunately, many companies respond by cutting price to be “competitive” when the real issues can be addressed by fixing the customer experience through uncovering the negative performance indicators.

Our Mission

EFA provides successful customer facing solutions that ensure the business strategies are met or exceeded.