Ed brings you his experience of leading organizations back into profitability. 


Edward I. Farley, Jr.

Founder and Managing Partner, Ed Farley & Associates

Formerly of Unisource Worldwide, Inc., as President Specialty Business Group, Ed Farley formed EFA to leverage the P&L lessons he’s learned over the past 40 years.

Ed understands that financial and performance metrics are essential to monitor and manage the health of any corporate entity. And that there are often underlying factors of these metrics that need to be aggregated and crystalized. He knows that being armed with the facts enables the decision-maker to internalize the belief that each market stakeholder (supplier, customer and employee) has a satisfaction vote with each and every transaction. Identifying, analyzing and correcting any deficiency with these market interfaces is the essence of what EFA is all about.


During his tenure with Unisource Worldwide, the Federal Government and other fortune 500 companies Ed achieved remarkable success by leveraging his marketing, sales, business and marketing sales and distribution strategies.

He demonstrated expertise in North American P&L, finance, strategic planning, business start-up and dissolution, turnarounds, mergers and acquisitions.

As President Specialty Business Group at Unisource, with accountability for $260MM in revenue, he oversaw growth of 22%. Initially, Ed joined the organization as Senior Vice President, Marketing and Corporate Communications, where he rebranded Unisource Worldwide as a “global solution provider” and raised the level of external recognition of their Paper, Packaging and Facilities Supply businesses.

EFA Organizational Structure

EFA is organized with Senior Associates who have joined Ed in co-founding the firm. These Senior Associates cover the breadth of the EFA offering which is why they were carefully selected to bring their unique and very focused contribution. The depth and breadth of the firm’s Associates is appropriate to the anticipated needs in the areas of market research, branding, communications, marketing, sales, quality and training.


Scott Wharton

Senior Associate, Legal

Scott Wharton has been a lawyer for over 25 years.  He is a partner with Hill, Kertscher & Wharton, LLP, where he heads the corporate and business transactions practice group.  

Mr. Wharton’s areas of expertise include general corporate and business law matters (including outside general counsel services), mergers and acquisitions, equity and debt financing transactions, intellectual property and technology transactions and counseling, and business litigation and dispute resolution. 

Patrick E. McBurnette

Senior Associate, Market Research

Currently President of Moore & Symons, Inc., a marketing research firm founded in Atlanta in 1984, Pat has spent his entire career counseling large and small businesses based on measured customer feedback.

A structured and focused listen-and-probe investigation is critical to understanding the core causes of a profitability problem.  Depending upon the outcome of an Alignment Meeting with you, we will explore attitudes, opinions, complaints, etc., among customers, prospects, suppliers, managers, and/or employees to determine what areas to address to fix the profitability problem.  And we can measure your progress toward profitability improvement.  Working with you, not just for you.

Richard K. Haskell, Jr

Senior Associate, Sales & Marketing Strategy

Rich brings extensive marketing, sales and customer service expertise and experience with a customer focused approach that leads to enhanced profitability.

Formerly with International Paper and RISI, Rich’s passion has been improved sales and marketing effectiveness through a structured customer focused approach.

Factors that cause pressure in business may be poor internal execution, aggressive competition, powerful customers, volatile business environment, new technology, etc.  The challenge most organizations face is not “what” needs to be done but rather committing resources to implement “how” to drive organizational change that addresses the shortcomings.  Not surprisingly the path forward always starts with satisfying the customer because they find value and pay for products and services that enable them to compete successfully in their marketplace.  Rich uses a customer focused approach to improve sales and marketing effectiveness and drive enhanced profitability.