At the core of our offering is a proprietary process called EFA Market Check consisting of three key service components that deliver a true end-to-end solution:


EFA Market Check Analysis is the initial component that informs our efforts moving forward. This phases rates pre-defined Critical Key Indicators of the customer experience by measuring specific current and lapsed customer attitudes toward the company. With focus on the weaker indicators, EFA develops an action plan tailored to improve targeted areas of concern. 


Critical Key Indicators



  • Level of Company Trust 
  • Communications / Marketing Impact
  • Website Usability
  • Likely to Recommend Company


  • Quality of Service
  • Ease of Doing Business


  • Product Quality
  • Breadth of Line
  • On-time and Complete Delivery
  • Competitively Priced 


  • Sustainability Record
  • Company Responsiveness
  • Accurate and Complete Invoicing and Billing 


  • Salesperson Product Knowledge
  • Sales Support Accessibility


EFA Market Check Plan takes the learnings and results from the analysis and builds custom market strategies to improve the customer experience and deliver increased profitability. Once the plan is agreed upon with leadership the improvement plan or project execution is implemented.


EFA Market Check Dashboard is an ongoing performance measurement tool used to track the key indicators over time. The Dashboard gives senior stakeholders an ongoing view of how they are performing with their customers.


Our solutions and expertise are focused on Private Equity B2B services within the low to mid-market with transactions between the $50 to $200 million revenue range. We implement value-creation strategies while focusing on organic growth and driving improvements to under performing units. And while PE is our primary focus, any private sector company looking for improved performance and results or seeking to improve performance prior to a possible acquisition is a company we can help. Give us a call and let’s talk about what you’re looking to accomplish.